10 tips for not spending a lot of money in Dubai

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Do you want to visit Dubai? Do you have little pasta? Check out these tips to visit Dubai at low cost.

1. Try the local cuisine

Although Dubai is well known for its exclusive restaurants, it is also possible to enjoy a more casual (and inexpensive) meal or dinner if you visit Al Diyafah Road, where you can sample local delicacies in one of its restaurants or cheap cafes. With a gastronomic variety that goes from Lebanese to Iranian cuisine, to Indian cuisine, you’ll have plenty to choose from without having to scratch your pocket too much.

2. Go by metro …

A day pass for the subway will only cost you 14 AED (Dirhams from the United Arab Emirates), just over € 3. The wagons are clean and air conditioned, so they are the best way to get around the city.

3. … or browse

For 1 AED (20 cents) you can take a 10-minute walk on an open (a traditional wooden boat) to the souks. Sit back, relax, admire the views and soak up the contrasts between the old and the new that give Dubai its unmistakable charm.

4. Buy some bargain at the Karama market

Famous for its fake design objects and tourist souvenirs, the Karama Market is the perfect place to shop without ruining yourself. And if you want to make sure you get the best price you can even dare to haggle.

5. Go hiking to Al Ain

An hour and a half from Dubai is the fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates. From here you can prepare a picnic and drive to the incredible Jebel Hafeet Mountain or, if you’re going in family, visit the Al Ain Wildlife Park, one of the most interesting zoos in the Midwest. It costs 20 AED (just over € 4) for adults and 10 AED (€ 2) for children.

6. Visit a museum or two

Many of Dubai’s museums have free admission. So why not visit the Dubai Museum which shows the traditional lifestyle of the Emirate of Dubai and which is in the oldest building in the city? Or perhaps you could go for a walk around the Camel Museum and, by the way, take a picture with a stuffed camel. Both options may be fine. 

7. Take a walk around the Bastakiya neighborhood

Despite being famous for its modernity, this area of ​​the city retains its history and charm. The old headquarters of wealthy merchants, the streets today are full of cafes and shops, and the best thing is that walking there will not cost you anything.

8. Go to wrestling

Specifically, go see a Pehlwani fight fight. Every Friday you can join the crowds who gather to see how two contestants try to throw their opponent into the arena. The perfect plan.

9. Enjoy a day at the park

Dubai Creek is another good place for families as it has an educational playground (10 AED) but it is also the perfect place to enjoy the weather. The entrance costs 5 AED and you can take the funicular for 25 more AED to contemplate the city from the heights.

10. Girls night out

If you are a woman and you are lucky enough to be in the city on Tuesday you will discover that Dubai night is very economical. Many bars will offer you at least a couple of free drinks, while others will give you free champagne all night. Perfect! The most popular bars are The Westin, Carters, Boudoir, Double Decker, Longs Bar and Rock Bottom.

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