A Visitors Guide To Olso Norway

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There are cultural, scenic, social, romantic, creative, culinary and just plain fun reasons to visit Oslo, Norway. There is never a dull moment in Oslo and it is certainly a unique place to visit.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, Oslo is the place for you. You can walk through the forests and on the beautiful beaches. There are islands in the fjord and you can hike and visit all the cultural attractions. You will enjoy the Holmenkollen and seeing all the amazing views.

We will now move on to the social and romantic reasons to visit Oslo. Take a stroll through one of the city parks and enjoy a fantastic meal at Aker Brygge. Take your sweetheart and view a sunset in Vigeland Park. Wake up together in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and have breakfast in bed in a gorgeous hotel room. The people in Norway are wonderfully hospitable, happy and welcoming.

Oslo is a city filed with cultural opportunities. During the day you can visit the Opera building as well as the Munch Museum. You might also enjoy seeing a renovated Viking ship and Oslo is the only place you can still see an original Viking helmet. The sub-water tunnel in Drobak is an interesting place to visit and you can stop at any of the museums in the area. Check out the Royal Palace, The Nobel Peace Center, the National Folk Museum and the Akershus Castle. The nightlife in Oslo is exciting as well.

Dont forget the culinary reasons for vacationing in Oslo. The chocolate is extraordinary and that is just the beginning. You can sit by the sea and gobble fresh fish. You will be able to taste Norwegian foods and also delightful dishes from other countries and cultures. Holidays provide another time to enjoy the foods of Norway.

Oslo is a terrific place to take outstanding photographs. Everywhere you look you will find a fantastic photo op. The transportation system is excellent and includes the tram, metro, boats and busses. Check out the Oslo Pass that can be used to see the city in an easy and convenient way.

A really good way to see Oslo is to book a tour or two. These tours are well-planned and allow you to see all the popular sites. There are tours that take you to cultural attractions like museums. Take a tour of Frognerparken and make sure you have your camera with you. At Frognerparken you can view many very fascinating sculptures depicting various stages of life. This is a park that can be used and enjoyed by children, teens and adults alike. There is something here for everybody. You can book a tour for a few hours or an entire day and there are tours for everyone. No matter what you are interested in seeing you can find a tour that will satisfy you.

The next time you are looking for a new and different place to vacation, think about Oslo, Norway.

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