Basic tips for solo travelers

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Are you planning a solo adventure? Do not miss these 10 basic tips for solo travelers.

Traveling alone is becoming more and more fashionable. Although the idea still frightens some, the number of people traveling alone does not stop growing. Low-cost companies have also helped this phenomenon, and all those who are going to live a solitary adventure, inspire in turn to encourage the rest to throw themselves into the pool.

If you want to travel alone (it does not matter if it’s your first time or if you already have experience in this), check out these 20 tips that we give you. Some may seem very obvious, others may be scary, others will give you goosebumps, but trust us: it’s worth stopping for a moment and taking them into account.

1. Get out of your comfort zone

Traveling not only gives you the opportunity to do what you want, but to do it whenever you want. But make sure you do not fall into the trap of security. Know your strengths, go to your pace, but always face challenges! It does not matter if for you the challenge is to talk to strangers or turn off the GPS one day, do something that makes you vibrate!

2. Eat with people from the place you travel to

Food is a basic element of the trip. From street vendors to normal markets, get out and see what the locals eat. There are many chances that they will offer you a try, and most likely you will accept. So when you go out, throw yourself into the pool and eat what they offer you, even if you do not know the product.

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3. Practice “couchsurfing”

Not everyone likes, but if you want to meet people of the destination and want to stay for free, with CouchSurfing you will get insurance. The couchsurfing is that a person lets you sleep on the sofa in your home, and although a priori may sound dangerous, it is safer than it seems. If you’re not sure you like it, you do not have to do it every night of the trip. But you can try it once. If it works for you, repeat. And if not … Hey, you’ve already met number 1 on this list! 

4. Learn a little language

You do not have to learn very complicated sentences, with some words you can go. “Please”, “thank you”, “yes”, “no” and the name of the country you are from can help you. And do not worry, that if you do not pronounce them very well, surely you at least make a smile to the listener.

 5. Make the most of local contacts

Meet friends of friends and take advantage of that advantage to the fullest. The advice of locals are worth their weight in gold when you travel alone. It is very easy to follow the herd, but if you know someone who knows someone who knows all the alleys and shortcuts, surely you come back with a lot of incredible stories to tell! 

6. Follow your instinct

Trust your instinct. If you think an alley is too dangerous, do not go there. If the person you meet does not inspire confidence, make an excuse to leave. If the bridge does not look safe, do not cross it. You travel alone, but you’re not a superhero. 

7. Lies a little

It’s not necessary for everyone to know that you are traveling alone. When in doubt, you can invent yourself traveling with friends, husband or wife. In some countries it will do you good to wear a false engagement alliance, which you can remove or place as it suits you.

 8. Eat alone and sit at the bar.

Eating alone is a good way to break the ice. Sit at the bar (if there is one) and talk to the local staff or the customer next door. If it does not help you to make friends, at least you can get them some advice of what to see or do. 

9. Pack the bag with your head

It does not matter if you are going to be several weeks in the same place or if you are going to move much, never load of more. It’s obvious advice, but it’s very important to follow it when you travel alone. The last thing you need to do is drag a giant suitcase, regardless of whether the ride is only from the car to the hotel and from the hotel to the car.

 10. Sign up for organized tours

From time to time to join an organized tour is not too bad. If you go bad weather or just want to see the tourist spots with an expert, opt for the tour! It will give you the opportunity to meet other travelers, to know things that you could not have known otherwise and to rest a little without having to organize or plan.

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