Canberra- The Best Capital City

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Canberra defines the status of Australia in the world tourist map enormously and beautifully with a huge number of tourist attractions. The capital city of Australia is filled with mesmerizing scenic beauty and fascinating landmarks. Besides, Canberra is the place of best Aussie delicacies and lip-smacking wines.

Places to visit:

The National Zoo & Aquarium– This is Australia’s only combined zoo and aquarium. Get awestruck seeing a five metres tall giraffe and three metres long python and don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime to hand feed the tigers, lions and bears and to step in the cheetah enclosures. Truly, the wildlife of Australia is amazing.

Captain Cook Memorial Jet– One of Canberra’s main tourist attractions is Captain Cook Memorial Jet. Running at full volume, the jet reaches a height of around 147 metres and you can witness at any moment the rare view of water jumping in the air.

Mugga-Mugga– Mugga-Mugga is one of the oldest historical sites of Canberra. The areas surrounding this site are hired for various private ceremonies, meetings, conferences and seminars. The view of Canberra from Mugga-Mugga is awe-inspiring and must find a place in your album of Australia.

Australian Reptile Centre– Take a sneak peek of the lethal and most colourful snakes and reptiles at the Australian reptile Centre. Handle a python with the help of a specialist and cherish the experience of a lifetime.

Zierholz Premier Brewery– Taste the excellent European beers at Zierholz Premier Brewery

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