Matahari Beach Resort

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On the North-west coast of Bali, the Matahari Beach Resort is situated right beside a fine sand lava beach at Pemuteran.

There are 32 suites available in 16 bungalows which, faithful to ancient tradition, are decorated with lavish wood carving and stonework.

Each bungalow is only a few yards from the beach and has its own verandah.

A very strong selling point for this resort is the superb level of service, and although it is quite isolated this was one of the reasons behind choosing the Matahari Beach Resort. You can arrive by helicopter, it is I believe a spectacular short flight from the airport, we didn’t arrive that way because my wife won’t get into one, and I wasn’t really prepared to pay the extra. The limo supplied was very comfortable but it was a three hour drive through some beautiful scenery, but it is a bit of a flog after a long flight.

I have to say it was pretty well worth it, for not only the setting, a black lava sand beach is a bit off putting until you get used to it.

The food was spectacular at the main restaurant The’ Dewi Ramona’ or the ‘Paon’ a traditional Balinese kitchen on the beach, where cooking is over a traditional wood fire.

The swimming pool is excellent, but it is a bit tedious to spend 50 minutes in a boat to get to the snorkelling, diving and water sports activities.

The rooms were quite lovely, with the usual facilities, and thank goodness air conditioning, very comfortable large beds, and a huge marble tub.

I’m not sure I’d go again, the drive is a bit off putting, but a very nice hotel if you crave peace and quiet, and wonderful scenery, and if that is important to you, then the Matahari would be ideal

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