Top Tourist Attractions of San Juan in Puerto Rico

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San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, and it is one of the oldest cities found in the American continent. This place was founded in the year 1521 by Ponce de León. When you travel to this place, you will find lots of interesting places to spend some quality time during your vacations. Some of the fascinating attractions of this place are delicious food, historical monuments, and pristine lovely beaches.

This place has been captivated by historic treasures of old Sun Juan, and it is located in the midst of a rocky peninsula. Leisure walk through old Sun Juan is one of the most wonderful experiences one could have in Puerto Rico.

Vital Tourist Information

It is located in the northern coastal plains, and it is engulfed by Caquas & Aguas Buenas (north), Carolina and Trujillo Alto (west) and Bayamon (east). The US dollar is the official currency of this place. People out here speak in Spanish and English language. When you are planning for a trip, please avoid June to November because it is a hurricane season.

Main Attractions

If you are travelling to San Juan, make sure that you visit the historical district of Old Sun Juan with Spanish colonial architecture homes. Visit El Morro and the famous fort called La Fortaleza, which was built by the Spanish in the year 1540. The massive walls of the fort were built around the city to protect it from their enemies. These places continue to serve as the administrative mansion for the current governor.

When you are in this place, don’t miss out on the wonderful opportunity to visit the El Yunque Rain Forest of Puerto Rico. This place features more than 100s of miniature orchards, which is often mentioned as the fountain of Youth. You get to see more than 240 species of trees. Mona Island offers the visitors with snorkeling and scuba diving experiences. Hope for a breezy night so that you would swim in the nighttime in the island of Vieques.

There are many more attractive features to explore in this place. Some of them are art galleries, beachfront, ocean parks, Isla Verde, trendy night clubs, and deserted palm-fringed beaches of Pinoness.

Some of the other attractions are:

  • Rio Camuy Cave Park
  • Museo de Antropologia (museum)
  • Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (art museum)
  • Mercado de Río Piedras (commercial market)

Hotels and resorts

San Juan offers plenty of options to stay, as many beachside hotels are also available. Some of the most equipped resorts offer Spa, watersports, fitness center, and live entertainment. Some of the additional facilities available here are wireless internet access, 24hrs housekeeping, TV etc. Restaurants here serve authentic European, Asian, and African style cuisines.

Events and Festivals:

You can visit this place during Casals festival, which is celebrated in San Juan’s Performing Arts Center (February/March). Usually the carnival festival take place before the Ash Wednesday and main attractions are street parties, floating parades, and dance programs. If you are baseball lover, then you must visit this place during Novembers to watch the major league.

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